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2015-08-04 - 8:25 p.m.

Some genius at my company made the awesome decision to schedule a software upgrade during work hours instead of at night like God intended, so we were all shut out of the application we have to use in order to work. I've had a pretty leisurely day. I could have been doing stuff for my side job, but the minion they got for me is defective. She hasn't sent me one thing I could work with since she took over. I called the HR lady this morning and let her know the new clerk is FAIL. I've explained to this person 3 times that when she sends me documentation, I need it in a certain format with identifying subject lines so I can tell what's what without opening every email to find each thing. She told me "Yes! I can do that!" and she was very agreeable with everything I said but did absolutely none of it. She proceeded to send me nothing whatsoever that would be of use to me. She did manage to send me some shit I don't need, but she didn't identify anything. It's a hodge-podge of failure. The HR lady is going to have a talk with her today and re-emphasize the importance of her doing what she has been asked to do instead of whatever the hell she's been doing. I hope the HR lady tells her "You had ONE JOB". haha

Seriously. One task. Not a particularly difficult one, either.

Since I'm on a roll with the issue of global incompetence lately, lemme tell you about my pest control company.

Useless. That's it in a nutshell. They are useless.

I don't believe they are using the amount of bug spray they claim to use. I have tiny little ants trying to take over my home. They are the tiniest ants I've ever seen. I'm fairly sure they are real and not just a figment of my imagination. Last time the pest control people came around, I asked them to be thorough with the ant killer. Ever since that treatment about a week ago, it's like Disneyland for ants around here. I saw a trail of them going up the wall in my kitchen all the way to the ceiling. What are ants finding to eat up there? Why do they even want to go that direction? All the good stuff is lower.

So I've called the bug people and they are coming Thursday to treat my home again for free, because they didn't get the job done last time. I really don't like the concept of poison being sprayed. I don't want my frogs and lizards to be killed or made sick. I have chameleons, geckos, and lots of frogs around here. They have this paste-like ant bait that will get the ants without getting my little amphibian friends.

Not only is there widespread incompetence going on, but there's also a ridiculous amount of rip off happening. My mother has been scammed 3 times recently in 3 different ways. Crooks are running rampant. My mom ordered a "free sample" of some product and the crooks hit her credit card for 85 bucks, twice!! She had to cancel her card. She never received the sample. It was a total scam. She called what she thought was an airline to book plane tickets, and it was really a company with a name similar to the airline and they charged her 35 bucks to make her flight arrangements and then they got it wrong!! They booked her flights for the wrong days. She ended up not using those non-refundable plane tickets. She can use them for up to one year and we think she can transfer them to me. I might use them next summer. I'll pay her for them if I do. She also was ripped off for hundreds of dollars by a hotel booking company. She thought she was talking to the hotel reservation staff, because that's how these crooks present themselves. Then they bill you much more than the hotel would have billed for the room and they keep the difference. My mom got that money returned to her and she ended up with a free stay in the hotel. I believe that my mom is not being ripped off more often than other people. She is just noticing it more often than a lot of people would. Everyone I know has been ripped off in some way. Something needs to happen to these thieves. If they would put as much effort into building a career as they do in stealing from others, they'd be wildly successful and have plenty of money legitimately.

All you can do is safeguard yourself and your accounts. I think it's a good idea to get a dedicated debit or credit card just for internet purchases. Watch it like a hawk, and make sure that it has fraud protection on it so if someone does get it you don't take the loss.

We must stay a step ahead of this rampant jackassery.

PS: I wrote this entry and tried to post it but my internet went down just in time to prevent it from posting. Luckily I noticed my connection acting hinky and I copied my entry to word just in case it didn't post right. My internet was down till very recently because some asshole on a construction crew cut into the fiber.


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