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2015-08-03 - 1:07 p.m.

So I called my mortgage company today and uncovered something major. I could make a very long story of this, but I think I'll nutshell it as best I can: The rep gave me a convoluted story about how my home owners insurance went up by 300 bucks a year and this caused my annual escrow calculations to be off and due to that calculation plus a "minimum balance" that they require to be in the escrow account at all times, they increased my monthly payment to cover the shortage and a larger amount is estimated for next year so they are taking money to cover both the past shortage and the future higher estimated needs and this creates the higher payment. (read: crock of shit)

One of my super powers is cutting through bullshit and bringing it back to the issue at hand. So I said "Essentially, I'll be paying about $225 extra for the rest of forever to make up for a one time $300 shortage on the home owner's insurance." He gave me more flowery explanations and I told him "Any way you slice it, a 300 dollar mistake cannot equal an extra $225 a month for the rest of my loan." He hemmed and hawed and at some point this young man accidentally mentioned the "delinquent tax notice" and the word "lien". I grabbed onto that and pulled the truth out of him. They took over my loan and didn't pay part of my taxes in 2013. They finally paid it in December of 2014!!!! Without me ever knowing!!!! So I explained to him that I want a break down of exactly what the original bill was, when they should have paid it, how much "delinquent fees were assessed to my account and paid out of my escrow account. THAT IS WHY MY ESCROW WAS SHORT!!!!!!!!!! They were going to just quietly let me pay all these fees.

I am livid.

I may withdraw my escrow and set up a different system for paying my property tax.

So I took down this guy's name, ID number, and asked him when he will have answers for me. He said no later than August 10th. I told him that they will have to pay the delinquent fees because I entrusted my escrow funds to them with the understanding that they would take care of business and pay the taxes. I've paid my mortgage right on time every single time and I don't deserve to pick up the tab for their mistake. He was all "Yes ma'am." haha

What is going on? What astrological nightmare aspect is causing comprehensive global incompetence to occur everywhere simultaneously???

But the good news is this will bring my payment back down and it should give me an overage in my escrow because I'm not allowing them to pass any of the late fees on to me.

I'm gonna call my mama and tell on them. Right now.

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