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2015-08-02 - 7:07 p.m.

I made an appalling discovery yesterday. I was looking through my bank account and noticed that my mortgage company has started withdrawing a couple hundred more than what I've always paid for my monthly payment. This means there was a shortage in the escrow when they recently paid out all the annual property tax and insurance and they've changed my mortgage payment to make up for the difference. I have to call tomorrow and find out how in the hell the escrow came up something like $2500 short. Most of my bills are on auto draft so I won't mess around and be late with payments. I'm almost hopeless at keeping up with my personal business. It's my weakness. I need a personal assistant. Auto draft is a good thing, because it allows me to not screw up my credit, but I should monitor things better than I do to prevent learning months down the road that something went off the rails somewhere.

Scams happen all the time. One year a scammer tried to bill my mortgage company for the cost of an annual policy on my home, to be paid out of my escrow. They claimed I had authorized a switch over from my long term insurance company. They were too late though, because my insurance had already been paid. If they had hit it a week sooner, they would have cleaned out my escrow and been gone. I wonder if that has happened here. It could be a tax hike ate up my escrow account. Property values are on the rise around here.

Everything is a money grab. Countless wolves are always at the door, looking for an angle to beg, borrow, or steal and I am really getting sick of it.

A great idea occurred to me today and I've already put it into action. I am using Pinterest to make an online vision board. A vision board helps you plan, visualize, and attract what you want for your life. I'm keeping it on lock down for now. No one can see it but me. Usually people make an actual physical board and glue pictures to it like a collage. Pictures that represent what they want out of life and what they hope to bring about in their reality. I believe it is a helpful practice. I've seen people manifest things very close to what they put on their vision boards. It seems like a fun project.

When I go to bed at night, I lay there in those moments before I go to sleep and I think about goals of mine, happy stuff, things that I am looking forward to, or parts of my life that I'm grateful for and this I believe is part of why I achieve my goals. I am manifesting good things.

I need to go manifest some dinner right now.

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