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2015-07-23 - 5:43 p.m.

Yesterday I was bummed and today I felt the cramps that confirmed that yesterday's melancholy was at least partially brought on by hormonal stuff. Ha. I guess I was fed up. Fed up with missing someone who won't admit he bloody well misses me.

AAAAnyway... today I am MO BETTAH.

Someone has taught my puppy how to be a thug. It wasn't me, I promise. Just a little while ago, he created a diversion and perpetrated a heist. He victimized poor Dexter who was minding his own business, enjoying a peanut butter flavored chew bone. Little G-Doggy Dog ran at Dexter, growling loudly and aggressively as he ran. (He sounded a little bit like an angry duck) He slid into Dexter like Mighty Casey sliding into home base. He tripped and rolled, but let's not focus on that. All of this sudden noise and action startled Dexter off his chew bone and Jax was able to quickly grab it and run back to his spot, where his own peanut butter flavored chew bone was still laying, unchewed.

Jax likes to gain possession of BOTH chew bones, whenever possible. He is ridiculous. As soon as I hand out chew bones, Jax goes and hides his and starts scheming on Dexter's. He's really pretty smart about it.

It is literally hot as balls outside. I'm watering the fook out of my front yard. It got a little crispy over the last couple of days.

Today I had to go see my accountant who had filed an extension for my taxes and today was the day to go pick up my return. I was a little worried about having to pay in. But I'm getting a big fat refund!! Probably because they withhold heavily on overtime pay and bonuses. I'm going to have to protect myself with some financial planning though, because I'm in a new tax bracket now. I don't need any bad surprises at tax time. It's good to have my taxes all squared away.

I am in some kind of fortunate astrological money storm lately.

I need to get back to it and wrap up this work day!

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