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2015-07-24 - 8:48 p.m.

Thank God it's Friday.

I rolled out of bed at 8:45 and made the long, arduous commute from my bedroom to my office this morning like I do every week day. But this day was different. Instead of finding my work platform as it should be, I found it entirely missing. Try as I might, I couldn't find a way to get my gateway back up on the work pc. I had to call the "no help desk" (a fond nickname they've earned) but they actually DID help today. In fact, they completely solved my problem and the two techs I talked to were really nice. One was a guy who was either a Southern Gentleman or he was gay, or both. When I explained that my work platform gateway had disappeared, he gave me a heartfelt sounding "Bless your heart". That's definitely not tech-speak. When we were about to hang up he said "You've been SO kind". I pictured him looking like "Cam" from Modern Family. He passed me on to another tech with an Australian accent which is like catnip to me for some reason.

One time I was at my favorite German restaurant with my sweetheart and a cute Australian guy started flirting with me when I almost ran right into him as I was walking into the place. My guy had stayed back to smoke first. I didn't linger long with that cute Aussie stranger, (because I love my guy) so I excused myself to the seating area to wait for my man and the Aussie went outside. When my boyfriend came back in he had this knowing look on his face and he said rather non-amusedly "Quick! give him your number... don't let me cramp your style..." I laughed and said "Oh you thought that guy was hitting on me?" (I was just being playful. I knew the guy was flirting) and my guy leaned forward and said in a very certain tone "He WAS." So I asked "How do you know?" and he said "Because he apologized. He said "Sorry mate, I didn't know she was spoken for." Ironically, my boyfriend was already "friends" with the other woman by then and it was a secret from me. If I had known we were in an open relationship, I would have given the Aussie my number! He might have been able to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart when the time came.

I must admit, his interest in me made me feel good. Everyone likes a little ego boost every once in awhile.

Good times...

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