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2015-07-15 - 2:54 p.m.

This morning when I put my one drop of Mediterranean oregano oil on my toothbrush, I accidentally let 2 or maybe even 3 drops go on there. Let me just say... never put more than one drop. My whole mouth was on fire. It took a while for the heat of it to subside. It was intensifying more and more and there for a minute, I was seriously worried about how hot it was going to get. I ran water in my mouth directly from the faucet and the oregano oil just keeps right on burning through the water! It calmed down in a fairly short time but then a feeling of almost numbness set in and lasted a long while.

One drop of that stuff is plenty. I remember saying to myself "Oh well... how bad can it be?" Famous last words.

So today all is well on a lovely Wednesday. I finished all my deadline stuff and now all I have to do is correct my student's coding and key in some accounts in a new system I hopefully have access to. I need to do some stuff for my side gig too. That is what I should be doing right now. I'm taking my lunch break late because I was in the zone and lost track of time. I normally take my break at 2 pm.

I am really enjoying my empty nest syndrome. My nephew contacts me from time to time and it makes me think he's a sweet boy and I don't want to make him move out for good. But then... I really do want him to move out. My life is pretty sweet right now because when it's just me, the house work is so much less. I don't want to hurt his feelings or make him feel unwanted. I'm undecided about what to do. Maybe he will find a nice job or girlfriend where he is at and not want to come back at the end of summer. It would be nice if he could be the one struggling to let ME down easy instead of me trying to gently push the little bird out of the nest without hurting HIS little feelers.

Yesterday while I was working I thought to myself that I need one more head and two more hands for this workload. QQ

It was so wonderful handing off "Big Nasty" to my dear sweet friend. She used to code that facility so it's not so bad for her and she only had 2 hospitals whereas I had 4 That's why she got assigned that one. Thank goodness. I should be able to handle everything much better from here on out.

When I take on the next side hospital, I might be working more hours than I want to. It will take a while for it to work up to a full census load though, because when a hospital starts up, there is a trial period of few patients and the census builds up slowly. I'm thinking crazy thoughts of possibly starting an agency for coding these little free standing hospitals. I could hire one coder and then add more coders as I add new accounts. Pay the coders an hourly rate which will be less than the amount the facility pays me.

Hypothetically speaking, it would take 8 little hospitals exactly like my side hospital to equal the volume of work I have on my regular job, but the payment from 8 little hospitals would be over 165K. So I could pay a trusted coder a really high hourly rate and still make a ton of money from billing the facilities. I know 3 women who started agencies and they make truly phenomenal money. I've been resting on my greedy little laurels, nursing my broken heart and now I'm starting to feel my inner entrepreneur rustling around in there.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could teach the nephew to code???

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