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2015-07-14 - 8:49 p.m.



I keep expecting the pace to slow down to something I can manage but it's been cray-cray ever since I started my side gig.

It's not all due to the new extra job though. The new job just happened to coincide with me being saddled with a new facility and a student to teach at my main job. Plus technical difficulties to add extra fun and even more delays! I got most of my tech issues fixed today and scored myself a new work laptop courtesy of the new boss. I could get around that problem without a laptop being sent, but I am not complaining because this laptop will allow me to be mobile. I was a little worried that the new hospitals would tie me down, due to access problems and VPN issues, but with their company laptop I can log in from anywhere. WOOT.

So here it is 8:45 pm and I just finished a super long work day in which I didn't get every single thing done. I left a very small amount that I can easily catch up on tomorrow morning. Wednesday is my easiest day. No conference calls and not many deadlines on Wednesdays. I'm not doing another thing for the side job tonight. They are all squared away. The coder they had before was doing some stuff wrong and I redid a lot of it for them in the last couple days. I could audit their last 60 days worth of billing and find a tremendous amount of money, I'll bet.

Tomorrow things will get a bit easier. I get to unload my biggest, busiest hospital on my dearest buddy. So that's a good chunk of work I get to not be responsible for. The student I'm mentoring is eating up a lot of my time, but it's kind of fun helping her learn. I don't hate it. I just need to do all my deadlines first thing in the morning and then tend to her stuff later. I have to find a new flow that will accomplish everything without spending too many extra hours on it.

I had a massage booked for last Friday and I was so lost in the weeds at work I forgot all about my appointment. They charge people for pulling a no show over there! I try to never do that. It really sucks to pay and not get a massage. I got a massage today, but I was so keyed up, I feel like I need another one right now. I'm going to go back soon.

I must now free myself from this computer. So much for playing in second life! Who wants to sit on the computer after all the live long day being trapped in this computer chair?

I need to go drink and forget.

Just drink.

Not really.

Maybe a little.

A tad, a nip, a skosh.

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