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2015-07-16 - 9:08 p.m.

My mom said she and dad might come see me this weekend. I get the feeling she may change her mind. She didn't sound too certain. My guest room is all fresh and lovely if they show up though. My mom wants to go house looking and my builder is doing a blow out sale this weekend on inventory homes. That is how I got such a great deal on my house. I got it (sort of accidentally) during a blow out sale. I wasn't even looking to buy a house! I loved the model house (remember the video I posted of it?) and the blond girl in that video told me there was a house with that same floor plan that was already built and for sale and she offered to show it to me. I came, I saw, I loved it. Weeks later, she called me and said that house I liked was going to be featured in a crazy sale and could be bought for like 30K off the price plus 10K worth of upgrades like custom blinds, sprinkler system, fancy appliances. She said it would definitely sell over that weekend, there would be some competition for it, so if I wanted it, I should sneak in a quick bid before anyone else had the chance. I was going out of town that weekend and wasn't even planning to really buy a house. But for some reason I went over there, looked again, and decided what the hell. I'll make a bid! I still owned my other house and didn't even have a buyer yet so I did a contingency contract.

Lo and behold, I was the first one to turn in earnest money and a serious bid, so I had the first option to buy it. Then there was a bunch of turmoil because I got a buyer for my old house, then she couldn't get the financing so it fell through. I thought this deal was off and another couple was pushing to buy it out from under me. I still had the first option though, so before my 30 day contract was up, I got another buyer. This one went through and I got my dream house. That was in 2012. I really love this house.

I went shopping at a home décor store after work last night and got a pretty room divider screen to put across a door way to keep the puppy out of the foyer and dining room. He likes to poop in there for some reason. But fortunately for me he is easily fooled. He doesn't even try to get around that screen. It works perfectly.

I also got a really nice piece of art, tentatively for my guest bedroom. I like it so much I am tempted to hang it in my own bedroom. But it goes with what I've done in the guest room. I saw a lot of nice things in that home décor store. I want to go back soon. I've been adding little homey touches here and there as I go along.

My brother in law (who thinks he is funny) gave me this hideous clown figurine for Christmas and I put it in that guest room for him to look at when he and my sister came to visit recently. He doesn't know it, but that fugly clown is going to be his Christmas present this year. I might give it to someone else in the family and just let everyone keep passing it around. It's SO ugly. I confess that I didn't like my bro-in-law very much at first, but I've gotten over it since then. It takes me a while to warm up to people sometimes. But once I do, it's ON.

I haven't eaten. It's way past dinner time. I'm going to go scrounge up something to eat and relax for a while.

I miss someone.

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