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2015-07-12 - 11:19 a.m.

I have to throw in a puppy story: My "little" one, the baby is now bigger and fatter than Dexter. He also has boundless energy and he is a rough and tumble kind of guy while Dexter remains a persnickety princess. Since the baby has outgrown the old timer, Dexter doesn't play with him as much. They still play together some, but Dexter is easily discouraged because the baby is rambunctious and stronger, so it's not the easy win that it used to be.

Just a few minutes ago, Jax was standing next to Dexter with a toy in his mouth, squeaking it right on the side of Dexter's head. He just lays the toy right on Dexter's head and squeaks it over and over. I cannot express to you how non-plussed Dexter is by this ploy. He just sits there, staring straight ahead, waiting for it to be over. Jax seems to be saying "C'mon!! Play!! It's a toy! It's fun! It's squeaking!!" and Dexter is all "What toy? I see no toy."

So what's up on this lovely Sunday?

I have a friend who is in Pamplona running with the bulls! He has been posting videos from it. Very cool. It looks less dangerous than I have always imagined.

A few months ago, this same friend was in Ireland for several weeks. He is really making the most of the time he has in this life. He's a body builder and a personal trainer. You would never guess by looking at him that he has a disease that will kill him eventually. He keeps himself in tip top shape physically, so he can have the most health possible for as long as he can. I hope a cure is found before it's too late for him. He is a sweet guy. He used to be married to a dear friend of mine, but he came to the difficult decision that his life is going to be short and he needs to live fast and furious... cause... it's too soon to be over. I love both of them, and I can't judge him for his decision.

No one knows how long they really have. The time you are wasting might be your last. If I thought I was going to die in the next few years, I might liquidate everything I have and travel part time and spend the rest of the time with my loved ones, not worrying about long term goals and career aspirations. Since I expect to have a normal lifespan (at least), I need to make some things happen. But, luckily for me, I enjoy that sort of thing.

I said this was going to be a working weekend, and yesterday I put in 4 hours OT on the main job. Today I am going to put in 4 more and also go over all my new accounts on the new site just so I'm up to speed on all my new patients. I will start off in a good place tomorrow morning with everything done that is supposed to be done and a little bit ahead of the game. Next week should be much easier. So much of my time this past week was eaten up with tech support and not being able to access some systems I have to use. Plus the new scanner/fax won't communicate with my main work computer so I can't use it yet. My main company configured and password protected everything on our work PCs so we can't add anything to it or use it for personal things. Ridiculous. Now they have to pay hell to load up some simple drivers. They also cut off their own nose when they made it so I can't print. They thought they were protecting data, but now when they want me to print things, someone at headquarters has to print it for me and mail it. If I wanted to distribute company info, I wouldn't need to print it out to do so. They just created extra hassle for themselves. That is corporate America for you.

I can use the scanner/fax just fine with my personal computer so at least I know I hooked it up correctly. It's all good. I also had to spend a lot of time helping these two new coders. One of them will be my responsibility for the next few months or so and the other one will be on her own really quickly. I just have to show her around our patient accounting software.

I am going to go to a Jewish church service tonight. They are not orthodox. They combine Christian beliefs with Jewish tradition. There is a beautiful elaborate looking building within walking distance of my street and I am going to go check it out. I'm looking forward to it.

I'd better get on it so I can get everything done before I have to get ready. I haven't been to church in years. I hope I don't spontaneously burst into flames.

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