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2015-07-10 - 4:58 p.m.

I'm feeling a little... swamped at the moment. Perhaps I have over-committed a tad. Hah! It will all smooth out.

Things have been crazy with my regular job for the past couple of days due to some technical difficulties, hooking up the new scanner/fax machine, and some changes in my responsibilities. I am taking on a new hospital on my main job at the same time I am taking on this new side job. I am training a new person so I have to code everything for that site plus compare how she did with her coding and make helpful comments so she can learn to do this on her own. I will be training her for 1 month to 6 months, depending on whether or not she's a quick study. This gives me another skill: Trainer.

There were problems getting started with the new job due to certain access not being granted timely. Thank goodness that is outside my control so I am not the one who dropped the ball. I want them to be ever so happy. I have to pretend like I'm not already in full blast Hell mode on the regular job while I breeze along acting as if I have plenty of time for the new place. Once everything is settled down, I'll be able to easily handle everything. The bumps in the road towards getting everything started eats up my coding time and puts me behind. I have spent very little time coding today because of training the student, training a new outpatient coder, trying to get access to the new site on my main job and the side job too. Then I spent a good chunk of today helping the new boss strategize for a big battle she's got to fight.

My new boss is battling with my old boss who wants me to still do a bunch of crap for her that she should have long ago assigned to someone else. I am not going to end up doing that, because I am already over-extended with 3 busy hospitals, plus one new hospital, plus 2 outpatient practices, and a student to teach. (And a side job) So I am a busy girl. But DAMN I make some good money!!

I find myself thinking a lot about my ex, because he saw the birth of the dream and he should be here with me, living it. He understood the potential of where I was going with this, but maybe he didn't believe it could really be attained. At that time, I wasn't even based out of my home, but I knew that was the goal and he had started learning coding. He was doing great with it. I knew we would be able to eventually take on a bunch of accounts, split the work, and make all our dreams come true. He is an extremely intelligent computer guy with a natural ability to fix computers and he has great potential in the IT world, but he would have just loved working at home, choosing his own hours, and being able to .. uh... play.. as we saw fit around the house while raking in the crazy bucks.

It was a nice goal and completely do-able. I always achieve my goals that are under my own control. I can't always get the goals that involve relying on another person.

The trick of surviving love is being strong enough to survive and thrive even if someone lets you down.

This is going to be a working weekend.

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