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2015-06-30 - 4:16 p.m.

Here's something interesting! Today, I was trying to look up some info for my mom about my home builder and different locations where she could have a house built. During this endeavor, I happened to find a video made by my builder about my own neighborhood. I was very surprised to see that my very house is the first house shown on the video. That is my actual house. The shrubbery has grown a lot since then. I know it was taken after I bought it, because I special ordered the front door and this was taken after the new door was installed. The blond girl talking in the video is my friend who sold me the house. The first husband and wife who are shown talking are my next door neighbors! The inside shots of the home that they are showing is the same floor plan as mine. I'm going to post this link and you can paste it in your browser and have a look at my house and neighborhood. It should take you right to the video.

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