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2015-06-22 - 12:53 p.m.

I am missing someone today.

You can take the narcissist away from the girl, but you can't eradicate that black hearted buzzard from her tender little heart.


I'm restless. I tried to plan my vacation, but I am disgusted with the ways everything conspires to cost as much as humanly possible and prevent a person from catching a break. For example, if you fly from my major city to the major city of Denver, the plane tickets are cheap, but the lodging is expensive where I like to go. I could go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the lodging is reasonable, but the plane tickets are outrageous. It's like no matter how you slice it, you're gonna get screwed. This is a mood and it shall pass. I go on lots of vacations and don't feel this way about it usually. I bet I'm feeling monetarily sensitive because I just bought this big new toy.

Speaking of the new toy... I have been watching the hell out of some TV. My behind is sore!!! I need to go on a hike!! This TV comes loaded with a bunch of apps that stream shows. I have Netflix and Amazon prime which is awesome and the quality is much better streamed through my TV than my Netflix was when I was streaming it through the Wii. Everything about it is improved. I have found apps for most of my channels, I think. I need to be able to stream OWN network though. I gots to have it. If I can find that, I can cut the cord and not pay for cable anymore. The downside is that if you are streaming everything you watch, you can go over your data with your internet and end up paying big overage fees. AGAIN with the conspiracy to charge you the same thing no matter what avenue you take!!!

I wonder if it is any cheaper at all to stream everything if you have to pay for each thing separately plus pay more for your internet. Sling TV is 20 a month, HBO is 15 more, Netflix is about 8 bucks a month and amazon prime is 99 a year.

You know what? I need to code some charts. This is just upsetting my chi.


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