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2015-06-23 - 6:01 p.m.

I've got a roast in the oven and it's making me hungry. It smells so good in here. Roasting beasties is one of my super powers.

I just finished my work day. While I work, I have my Pandora channel playing all day. My channel is called "Puscifer". I've got Maynard in heavy rotation. There's lots of Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle. Every now and then, my channel sneaks something in on me that is new to me. Sometimes I wonder what lunatic is choosing the new stuff. My channel should know by now not to even try some of this crap they throw out there. BUT... I have discovered some stuff I really liked when it popped up in my playlist.

Such as a song called "The Funeral" by a band called Band of Horses. It's kind of haunting and I just like it. It grew on me. I liked it enough the first time I heard it to not give it a thumbs down, but pretty soon, I was looking forward to it coming on. Now when it comes on the world stops for a few seconds.

Today I noticed that AWOLNATION has a song called "Jealbreak" that sounds just like "Sail". Go on and youtube it. I'll wait.

It's the same song, the same chords, just slowed down. I wonder if the guy, whose nickname is AWOL, decided that "Sail" was such a good song he should just change the tempo and sing other words to it. And... why don't retailers make commercials using the song "Sail" with the word "SALE" flashing on the screen at the appropriate times? See? I'm full of ideas.

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