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2015-06-08 - 7:24 p.m.

The nephew is up to no good. He came in last night around dinner time and suddenly announced that he was off to see his mom. It takes nearly 3 hours to get to her house from here and she goes to bed early. He ate dinner with me and took off. She was asleep before he got there. I thought it was very odd that he would just up and decide this on a Sunday evening. His mom works very early in the morning, so there wouldn't be any time to visit on Monday during the day. I figured he would stay and have dinner with his mom and sister and then come home. However, he was back here before dinner time today. My sister said she saw him for about 6 minutes.

Very peculiar.

I suspect that he went to "visit" his mom so he can say he did that when he announces that he is going to see his dad. Just wait and see. I bet he stages a road trip in the next short while. I have a feeling he is getting ready to shake this job of his and just stay at his dad's all summer. This is not something any of us want to see happen, since his dad is um... a problem. I know the boy is up to something. If the worst of it is that he is planning to spend the summer at his dad's place, I will be relieved.

I feel like I've been trying to herd a giant flock of baby ducks for a couple of years. This Auntie is getting tired of herding ducks.

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