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2015-06-05 - 3:09 p.m.

I will be glad when people get over the Bruce Jenner transition. I'm a "live and let live" kind of girl and it offends my sensibilities to hear people publicly spewing hatred about Bruce Jenner's decision to change his gender. I've been kind of shocked of late to see some "good" people going on about the new Caitlyn Jenner as if she had committed pedophilia or something. I'll bet these people would be amazed to learn that their behavior goes against the decent character they are trying to portray. They don't even see that they are wrong for their unkindness.

Christians are supposed to love one another and practice kindness and really, they are the first to start denigrating someone whose life choices don't match their own. Offending Christians are quick to say that the Bible says if your brother is doing something wrong you should get in his face and tell him about it. This is why no one wants to associate with Christians. I really don't think this is what Jesus had in mind.

First of all, is she really doing something "wrong'? Or is she doing something YOU personally don't approve of? People with gender issues don't get up one day on a lark and say "Ooh... might be fun to be a girl. Let me just get this penis removed." In my opinion it is not a sin issue. It's a health issue. And it's none of your business unless it's YOUR penis we're talking about removing. (I'm not saying the Jenner penis is staying or going) Imagine the unhappiness a person would have to feel in his life to even consider removing their bestest possession? This is not a light decision.

BESIDES... people with gender dysphoria are having a very serious life crisis and they don't need your opinions and your judgment. Worry about yourself, Christians. You're doing PLENTY you shouldn't, like constantly judging everyone else.

Ranty McRanterson, signing off.

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