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2015-06-04 - 4:34 p.m.

My poor pooches and the nephew were all greatly relieved when I got back home. The nephew did not realize how much work goes into taking care of two dogs. Not to mention the stunning lack of home cooked food when I'm not around. He actually cut his fun time short to come home and visit with me.

My older dog is an insanely devoted, mama-loving Chihuahua. He is a lapdog and when I leave town, he mourns, refuses his food, and hides around the house. I wish I could help him so he wouldn't suffer when I occasionally have to leave him. The puppy doesn't suffer when I leave, but he wants my full attention when I get back. He was all full of cuddles and bites, frantically delivered simultaneously. He's such a sweet little pup.

My seminar was AWESOME. This is the first time one of these annual torture sessions was worth the money they spent on it. The system we are changing over to is vastly different than the one used in the US for the past 30 years. One has to understand these differences in order to arrive at the correct codes for medical billing. I feel completely ready for the transition now. I've sat in on overviews and listened to webinars about these changes, but it didn't really make sense comprehensively like it does now. I haven't been a fan of this change, but now I'm ok with it. Plus I'm done with the annual mandatory trip for another year.

The pleasant part of the annual trip is that they always put us up in a very fancy hotel. One lady brought her husband! (See, Bwah? You could have gone with me instead of...) I liked my room, the bed was luxuriously comfy, and I slept well. I didn't completely avoid carbs, but I managed to keep the damages to a minimum. The early hours didn't kick my butt this time for some unknown reason. We have to start at 7:30 am in the next time zone over, so it's really 6:30 am to me. Start time. I'm not so much a morning person, so getting up before 6:00 am is just not my cup of tea. Having to be somewhere at 6:30 am is just plain silly.

They made me sit on top of the engine on the flight back home. It's LOUD back there, right next to the engine. I thought that little plane was going to shake apart. I wasn't really scared though. I've gotten over the fear of flying that I used to have. Still not my fave, still prayer worthy, but it's not the awful experience it once was for me.

I have been gifted with a big fat new hospital that's bigger than my others. I get to do all their coding for the next month in addition to my usual work load. YIPPEEEEE. Lucky me! ::flat stare::

The Upside... all the overtime I want. I do like that, because as my old boss once told me, "Your overtime cost is OUTRAGEOUS!!!"

Yezzzz... I like it.

I had to come back in here to edit the most ridiculous typo involving a contraction that shouldn't have been used. Oy vey. That's what you get for posting without proof reading!

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