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2015-06-02 - 8:18 p.m.

Well I lived through my flight. I am posting this entry from my phone so I will probably keep it short and sweet. The seminar is going very well and we are covering some really important material. It's nice to finally attend a seminar that really pertains to my type of work. For the past 4 trips the material has not been relevant to the exact specialty I work in but I was required to attend anyway. I can tell you the time goes by so much faster when you are actually learning something.

My flight was fairly pleasant except for 2 unfortunate happenings. There was a bit of a delay for take off due to an "unsafe message" lighting up on the flight panel. The captain announced it. I think he should have called it a minor inconvenience message since the word "unsafe" does not feel nice in the ear holes of airplane passengers.

The other thing that happened is someone had a colon blow in the bathroom and stunk up the whole plane, 3 times. They were probably freaking out about the unsafe warning.

Tomorrow I fly again. I shall be taking to the skies at about 4 pm. Please pray me up a little safety once again. I'm going to take a bath and get in bed and watch a movie.

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