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2015-05-07 - 4:08 p.m.

My little pup is referred to as "Double Cherry Eye" at his vet's office. He is quite the ladies man as he has all the girls in the office completely wrapped. My other pooch is 6 years old and he has always been treated at Banfield vet at Petsmart. He had insurance even when I didn't. Unfortunately, we are parting ways with Banfield because they are absolutely no help in an emergency. I pay 35 bucks a month for his preventative care, shots, annual dental cleaning, etc. and he should have some kind of priority when we have an emergency, but this isn't what happens. Today he has some kind of an infection going on in his hind quarters (I think the pup bit him with his tiny razor sharp teeth and it got infected) and Banfield "can't work him in" till after the 13th. That's a load of crap. By then he will be over it, most likely. I need help NOW. The issue is that he is biting it, chewing it, licking it and it's getting really nasty. I noticed it yesterday and today he has chewed at it non-stop. I had some antibiotics and I've been dosing him with every meal. That should clear it up. Additionally, I'm going to have to go to Petsmart for a collar of shame to keep him from biting it. Jax's vet has given me the go ahead to bring Dexter in before work tomorrow so they can evaluate and treat the infection. In the mean time, I've got the raw spot dressed and his back end wrapped up with a plastic bag and some painter's tape. I realize this is ridiculous, but necessity is the mother of invention and I had to keep his mouth off it. Dexter thinks I have completely lost my mind. I also put him in the kennel so he can't get all the dressings off and further chew it. This will have to hold him till I get back with the collar of shame. Then we will wrestle for an extended period of time as I try my hardest to get the collar on him and he tries his hardest to prevent that.

I feel like a vet in training. I've given medications to dogs twice a day for the past month and a half. This must be what it's like for people who had only one child and then had a second one and all of a sudden it seems like more than 2 kids. It seems that 2 dogs is more than twice as much hassle as 1 dog. I love them both though. I just hope for the love-o-pete that these dogs get straightened out and I can stop administering medications for a while.

I have to wrap up my work day and then beat a trail over to Petsmart.

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