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2015-05-06 - 3:52 p.m.

Hello... I've waited here for you... everlong.


I had a dream about you, Bwah. My split apart, my twin flame, my other half. My one true love. My life partner, my future, my past, my love. That face I love. The ONLY one who EVER had my heart.

Yeah, that guy.

In the dream, as is so often the case, we were in the same place, but not together and you were trying to not see me. Of course we always end up in intense eye contact and face to face. This time it was a restaurant. You were there with a group of people and so was I. My group was 5 friends and myself. There were males and females in both groups. Of my group, I didn't recognize anyone as actual people in my life. Your brother was in your group. I think the point was that we were both in this place with other people but we were both very riveted by each other's presence. Nothing else in that place mattered to me, except you. You were trying not to look, but you kept looking and I wasn't even pretending not to see you. I looked you over real good. As usual, your hair was shoulder length and just spectacularly glossy. (WTF is up with that?) Your hair always looks fantastic in these dreams. Your face was sweet and you looked like you did in that driver's license you said I can have. (still waiting) You looked totes adorbs, to use a really annoying turn of phrase.

It was really good to see you.

I miss you.

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