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2015-05-08 - 4:38 p.m.

I love it when someone at work gets up on their high horse and starts giving a speech about how wrong I am. I sincerely adore it. I stay real quiet and listen intently while they go on and on. The more the better. I can only hope they are longwinded and go into a lot of detail. Then when they stop talking and it is time for me to make some kind of explanation for my sorry self... I calmly and quietly give the vital piece of info that shows that they are a nincompoop. Ees funny.

My company has an electronic communication system that was created for legal purposes with transparency as the main objective. Anyone in the company can look in and see the exchanges. It works like volley ball, in that once you send a communication you don't see it anymore until the reply is sent back to you. One time, this delightful lady made a spectacular speech about how frustrated she was with my persistent ignoring of each and every one of her communications. She went on about how I did not value her time or consider her issues important enough to even make a reply. Since I wasn't interrupting to defend myself, she really blathered forth at great length. I allowed her to fully exhaust her vast stores of pent up frustration, nay rage, towards my incompetent mishandling of the communication system. I almost got mad at myself! She said that she was sitting there looking at 30 or 40 ignored communications right that very moment.

When she finally finished her speech, I politely said "Um... If you can *see* your communications on your screen it means you didn't *send* them." She literally sputtered. I think she did a spit take. Fortunately, she had chosen to carry out her tirade on a big conference call with a large audience. It was like a gift. She outed herself as a nimrod, unable to correctly use the communication system and also highlighted the fact that she let it go on for "30 or 40" times before even trying to get to the bottom of it. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Frequently the billers will email the bosses to basically tell on the coders for not having something coded on time. Well... my shizz is *always* coded on time, without fail. I make sure of it. Additionally, I know a little trick that most of the other employees don't know. Our software time stamps everything and I know how to access that and take a screen shot. So when someone whines that my stuff was not in on time, I don't even argue. I simply send my boss the screen shot showing the date that I completed my piece of the work. That screen shot not only shows the date I did my thing, but it also shows the ID of the culprit who changed the status and didn't return it to final status. Always a delight.

Today a case manager who knows nothing about the prospective payment system we work with gave a big speech about how things are going to be done as long as she is the Director of case management (read: not my boss. Not even relevant in my part of the organizational chart)... when the reality is that how we do things is not going to be her call. The way she wants to do things is appropriate for another type of payment system but not for ours. She's really not qualified to do the job she is trying to do. She doesn't understand the payment system because her entire background is with a completely different payment system. Now that we have the new division, it's like the cavalry riding in. That new boss is going to undo everything she said today. I didn't even argue with her. In fact, I cheered her on a little. The new boss is higher up the food chain than the case manager and she cannot possibly win that fight. She is up against a much bigger foe than she thinks.

I like the case manager and I hope she doesn't lose her job over it. It's kind of funny to hear her go on about how she is never going to back down though.. cause.. uh... the new division boss is going to thump her right off her soap box.

Doggy update: Poor buddy has a sore rump. Went to the vet today, got a long acting antibiotic shot and some "hot spot" spray. He's still wearing the cone of shame and not loving it. Personal note: Look on my wall in FB to see the poor boy in his cone of shame. He follows me around staring hard at me, trying to will me to take that thing off him. I can't though, because as soon as it's off, he starts chewing his sore spot again. My poor little buddy.

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