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2015-04-26 - 3:36 p.m.

The grim reaper must be losing his edge. He's been hanging out at my uncle's bedside for 2 full weeks and hasn't got a thing to show for it.

My nephew has lied to his boss about the uncle's death and is now on day 4 of missing work due to the death that didn't really happen. A part of me is glad that the stupid plan has gone awry. Dumbass needs to learn a few lessons about life.

I am getting really tired of putting my money, time, and effort into trying to help dumbasses miss the pitfalls they are all so desperately eager to jump right into. A dumb ass will fight you off valiantly when you try to help them avoid disaster. You really can't help people who are completely dedicated to obeying their own stupid whims no matter what the consequences are.

I think I NEED a vacation from dumbassery.

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