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2015-04-19 - 3:20 p.m.

I saw a little film short narrated by a farmer about a big sow he has. The sow started moping around after her litter of piglets grew up and moved on so the farmer got her a pet rooster. The rooster could have left and gone to be with the other chickens but he stayed close to the pig and they had this unlikely friendship. The pig was comforted by the rooster's presence. The farmer started to wonder what was in it for the rooster and one evening he figured it out. He noticed that the sow would dig out a comfy spot to sleep in each night and the rooster would wait until she was all settled in and then he would station himself behind the hog in the corner of the little shed that was the hog's shelter. This kept the rooster safe from the coyotes that came out each night in search of defenseless creatures.
They had a mutual deal going. Sweet little story.

Buzzfest was yesterday. I didn't even think about going. The weather has been so rainy lately that I'm sure it was more of a mudfest. At least it wasn't hot. In 2010, my sweetheart and I went to Buzzfest. It's always a great show with a huge line up of good bands. That year it was so hot. As luck would have it, I was being visited by Aunt Flow. The venue doesn't allow any bags brought in, so my guy had to play the role of tampon dispenser all day. Fortunately he had on cargo pants with loads of big pockets. He was a trooper.

I can't believe 5 years has gone by since then. This life flies by soooo quickly.

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