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2015-04-18 - 12:26 p.m.

Last night I watched "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" because I really liked the first Hot Tub Time Machine movie. That movie is not for you if you are a movie snob or have an inability to suspend your disbelief for preposterous premises in entertainment. It's one of those movies that has moments of greatness in it. There's some filth in there... I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it with their nana. I liked it. I especially like it when Lou and Nick start singing "You're a fucking nerd" to Jacob when he starts talking about science. "And no one likes you". "Poindexter". Ah... makes me laugh.

I have a travel bug in me and it wants to go to Slovenia which is a country located directly south of Austria. Search "Slovenia" in google images and just seeeeee why I want to go there. It's just so beautiful. Seriously. Bucket list. I just posted on the book of face a picture of this cool dragon statue in Slovenia. There is only one person who knows I write this blog, and you, My Dear Mr. F, know where to look to see my picture of the Slovenia dragon. Maybe one day I will post pics in here.

I love the internet because it allows me to see all over this world we live in. If I had unlimited money, I would travel everywhere that has a free society and isn't in a war. I guess my military brat upbringing makes me have the urge to see the world. There are people who live their whole lives in one little podunk town and they are afraid to leave their comfort zone. They don't even know what they are missing.

There are a bunch of events going on this weekend in the Town Center. I think I am going to go check it out. I love my little town. There is a crawfish boil at the Harley Davidson place, but I'm not interested in mudbugs. There is an arts & crafts festival today in the Town Center and a car show tomorrow. We have a farmers market there every Thursday and there's a pushy lady from India who sells hummus and flat bread. You almost have to buy her damn bread and hummus. She's very persistent. Her stuff is very good! But I don't eat carbs anymore so it will be no sale next time she tries. There are booths with all kinds of stuff. It's not just fruits and vegetables.

My little pup is totally recovered now. I'm not keeping him in the kennel anymore during the day. I let him roam free yesterday as long as he wasn't too rambunctious. He was supposed to lay low for 5 days, but I'm sure he is not going to start bleeding again unless he accidentally scratches it open or something. I don't think that will happen. He seems back to his normal self. Thank God that ordeal is over.

Happy Saturday!

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