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2015-04-16 - 3:38 p.m.

I think I'm going to survive this week. Let's hope so. It looks like my uncle will survive this week too. He is not tap dancing, mind you, but we totally thought he would be long gone by now. He seems to be hanging in there.

My sweet little fuzzy-butt doglet is doing much better today. It has been a horrible nightmare but finally his eyes are looking so much better, he is taking his meds like a champ, and he is being so incredibly good about being locked up in puppy jail for 5 days of "low activity". Puppies are not known for their quiet contemplation. Luckily, he is on some heavy drugs that help him chill out. Since his surgery site had started bleeding, the doc said he needs to lay low for 5 days to get that healing going. He definitely has an appetite and I let him out every couple of hours to walk around in the yard, do his business, and get a snack. He is really an astoundingly good puppy.

This week I have had the emotional disturbance of an uncle dying, a puppy in torture, a meeting with my new boss that didn't happen due to puppy emergency, and today, on my way to an appointment, I somehow got turned around and went way out of my way in the wrong direction. I still don't know how that happened because where I was going was sort of a straight shot and there are no turns once I get out to the main road. Somehow, I ended up on the wrong road going the wrong way. My automatic pilot is apparently on the fritz. I was trying to be early for my appointment so I would be back before my conference call started. So that was me, being early.

Nothing has gone as expected. I guess the moral of the story is stop expecting.

My nephew's buddy won 10K in a poker tournament yesterday. Wouldn't that be fun? A sudden windfall of unexpected money could be a load of fun.

It's raining up a storm here today. I like a rainy day once in a while. It's good sleeping weather.

Last night for dinner I made some lemon pepper wings. They were exactly like Wing Stop lemon pepper wings. Zero carbs! Sooo good. All I did was get the winglets, already cut, seasoned lightly with lemon pepper, fried till brown and crispy, then sprinkled with more lemon pepper. No breading, no carbs. Me and the nephew like Wing Stop. That is a fast food hot wings restaurant. We both like the lemon pepper wings there. You can make the buffalo sauce by melting butter and adding roughly the same measuring amount of Franks Red Hot or Tabasco. Then toss your freshly fried wings in that butter/hot sauce. So good. That's another good recipe for your Sunday games... if you still do that, Bwah. I put a good recipe in here for game day recently. Don't know if you saw.

I must get back to work.

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