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2015-04-17 - 1:48 p.m.

I have a feeling of relief today. At first I thought it was just unbridled happiness bending slightly out of control, as I am given to occasional bouts of insane joy for no particular reason. Upon further reflection, I realize now that my "dying Uncle stress" is less intense right now due to the fact the codger is still alive and actually is stable and a bit better off than before. While the doctor is still valiantly holding out for death, my uncle could conceivably survive. Possible, but not likely. Also, my puppy has officially gotten over the hump of surgery, he seems to not be in pain any longer, and his eyes aren't swollen anymore. Lastly, my work week is almost over and the things I dreaded at the start of the week are behind me now.


I said lastly, but actually there is more. I have been sort of dreading this new boss from the system of hospitals my company just bought. I had heard that she would end my home office situation at her first opportunity and I thought this new string of hospitals might be tougher to please or be more advanced in my specialty than I am, but I have come to realize I could teach them a few things.

For one thing, they asked to code 2 of my new admits "for practice" and they coded it wrong. I'm perplexed by this. These people are supposed to be experts. It was really rookie mistakes too. Also, we had a conference call with that whole new division and the boss went through her agenda and gave some coding tips that were not so much tips... they were more like basic stuff all coders should know. I thought this was all just common knowledge. If their coders didn't know those things, I've got nothing whatsoever to worry about. Unless they are so uninformed that they argue with me about my correct coding. ha. I learned that the new bunch actually has a couple of remote coders who float and cover for other coders when they are out. This gives me hope that they will not try to make me report to a facility. I have a stellar back up plan if they do, but I'd rather not be pushed out of my job that I've spent 5 years in. I could immediately make substantially more money if I did jump ship, but I can do that by adding a side gig too.

Life is pretty good.

Last night for dinner I made the awesomest, most ridonkulous, low carb pizza. The crust is made with the fiber from cauliflower. When you rice it, cook it, squeeze out the liquid, you are left with just the fiber. You mix that with one or two eggs and a 5 ounce container of shredded parmesan cheese, or the Italian blend cheese that has Romano, parmesan, and pecorino I think. I also added in about a half cup of mozzarella cheese. Mix the cheeses, eggs, and fiber in a bowl. Add garlic powder and herbs if you want to, spread this "dough" out on parchment, really thin in the shape of a pizza or even little personal pan pizzas, and then bake on 425 till it is lightly browning, flip it, and bake 10 more minutes. Then you can add your toppings and bake till it's bubbly and ready. About 12 more minutes. It was SO good. I used tomato bruschetta instead of sauce, because it was less carby and it tasted great. All the toppings I used were low carb. Pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, cheese. It was super awesome and no guilt.

Someday Bwah... when you are footloose and fancy free, you can come EAT. I'll show you how to be healthy and full and satisfied all at once. You will love it.

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