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2015-04-15 - 1:21 p.m.

Life is crazy.

First the bad news, then the crazy news. This morning when I went to get my little puppy up for his pain meds, I found that he had blood all over his face and bedding. I immediately called the vet, they said bring him in right now. I called out of work and got to the vet. She said this has "never happened before" in all her years of practice. She said she was going to keep him today, sedate him (yay), and clean his wound up real good, check on his suture to see if it has not held or what is going on. They are doing his pain meds and eye ointment today, thank God, and I get to pick him up later this afternoon. She didn't act like this was a life or death situation and the poor little mite was still wagging his tail. He was so pitiful with his little swollen eyes, blood on his face, and wagging his tail. There were some little children at the vet's office and he was loving the attention. Poor little fella. In a few days, I feel like he will be back to his happy little self. I feel really bad about all this that he has had to go through. If I had known this shit in advance, we would have just lived with the cherry eye.

I think he is going to be ok. I am comforted that he is with the doctor right now. This stresses me out so bad. At least he is not yelping when people touch him now.

Ok, on to the crazy: My mom tells me that my uncle was taken home in an ambulance so he could die at home. There were supposed to be hospice workers there to help in case he needed drugs for comfort or something. They got home and hospice didn't show up. The doctor hadn't signed the proper papers or something... so anyway... not only did my uncle NOT die when they removed life support... he seems to be improving!!! He is talking today! He is having sensible exchanges with my aunt. If he lives through this, I am writing a book about him. I mean, they tried to kill him and it didn't work! Die with dignity and all that rot. Didn't work!

Now, he might just be doing that thing people do sometimes when they rally a little bit and then die. This may be the end. He has double pneumonia and the doctor said he cannot live. Yet, he still lives.

I am in favor of them starting meds to fight the pneumonia and save his ass at this point. Maybe God doesn't want him. And neither does the devil. ha! They've been arguing for days about who has to take him.

Know that my uncle has been a rascal for his entire life. Larger than life, raunchy humored, legend in his own time that he is. This all makes sense. Whether he dies or survives this, it makes sense. He didn't just go without a fight.

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