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2015-04-07 - 4:53 p.m.

I was writing an entry and the whole thing has fled to the land of lost socks. I don't know what happened.

So annoying. When you lose a big thing you're writing, you never want to go back and retrace your lost steps.

A week from today my little pup has to go under the knife to get his eye condition corrected. I hope he isn't in pain afterwards. He's a little rough rider. He's virtually unafraid of everything. Maybe he is foolish rather than brave. Can't say one way or the other for sure. He has none of his older brother's neuroses. Dexter is a princess and has to have things just a certain way. He can't eat too big of a bite. Jax would eat a hippopotamus if it would hold still long enough. He has no fucks to give.

All my deadlines are met and I am just having a rather leisurely day of concurrent coding. I got an email telling me that my work buddy and I have to fly out to headquarters in June. Boooooo Hissssss. We were hoping the annual trip to headquarters would be a thing of the past for us two and that our future meetings with the new team would be someplace else, preferably in the same time zone as us and in a city with direct flights so we wouldn't have to spend all day trying to make a trip that should take 2 hours.

I am supposed to be planning a family vacation to Colorado with my folks and my niece. I wonder how many other family members will want in on it. I know nephew will want to go. I'd better take a vote and see how many people are actually going.

I dearly love to go to Estes Park, Colorado. It's my favorite place on Earth, I do believe. It's a small mountain town, right on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Anywhere you are standing in Estes Park looks like a scene on a postcard. There are mountains all the way around, as if Estes Park is a big bowl. The weather is just magnificent in the summer. While my neighbors are sweating bullets in Texas, the lucky people in my little mountain town are enjoying 75 degree temperatures. There are free shuttles that have stops everywhere in the town so when I go there, I fly in to Denver and the Stanley Hotel shuttle picks me up at the airport and drops me off at my condo. From there I can easily walk or take the free shuttle everywhere I want to go. No car necessary!

They plant vividly colored flowers all over the place and the aspen trees are beautiful. You can always hear the river rushing and there are so many hummingbirds all over the place. One time there was a hummingbird that was determined that one of my curls was a flower. It kept buzzing that curl, trying to get in there. It was all I could do to sit still for that. They are birds, but buzzy flappy noises right by my head make me want to scream and run. Main street runs parallel with the river and there's a beautiful walkway between the shops and the river. I really would like to live there all the time. I could financially do it right now. But I think I would feel isolated with every one of my people so far away. If I still had my love and he was game, I'd do it in a hot second. One of my biggest regrets is that he never went to Colorado with me.

It's starting to heat up here. Yesterday it was cool and lovely, but this morning I opened the door and was met with a face full of humid air. It's not hot yet, but the heat is definitely on it's way.

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