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2015-03-14 - 6:24 p.m.

Oh Muh Puppy.

He does not see the usefulness of putting steroid cream in his eye. He completely vetoed the idea and when I failed to cease and desist, he tried to bow up on me. He got all serious with his little angry duck growl. I totally angered the duck. We wrestled for a while and then I wrapped him tightly in a towel with just his head sticking out and got that eye. Mission accomplished.

Dexter has officially adjusted. He has his jealousy issues at times, but he isn't acting alarmed anymore at the presence of this little interloper, love stealer, snack eater, chewer of chew bones. They play together quite a bit and then they nap. They don't lay next to each other yet. They each retreat to their own comfy spots. Dexter gets on the couch and the baby goes to his doggy bed.

This has been a pleasant day around the palace. Nephew had to work today and I've been doing girly things like preparing fresh sheets for the guest beds and making menus for next week. The parents are bringing the uncle for his 3 month check up at the cancer clinic. We have a good time visiting when his regular check ups roll around. They are going to eat low carb and they are not going to miss carbs one little bit.

Babe, I know I told you this story before, but I don't know if you got the email or whatever means I used to tell it, so here goes: I had one of my crazy dreams a couple of years before my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and in the dream, he had been given some kind of a death sentence and he was resigned to the fact that he was going to die, even though he had the choice to live if he would just wear this "special vest" that had been made for him. The vest was in a big shirt box on the table and I was crying and begging him to wear it and live. He was gently breaking it to me that his life wasn't worth living anymore and he wanted to just go on and die. I woke up crying from that dream. I was so upset the next day, I couldn't talk about it without crying. I blurted it out to my mom and it was weird how upset I felt about it. I should have known that this was my spirit sensing something real, because when I "see death" I am very inexplicably upset and it feels weird to me that I am crying. That is the thing that tips me off that I'm having a psychic event, for lack of a better term. At the time, I didn't know the dream was a premonition.

Two or three years went by after I had the dream and then my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. A "death sentence" for many. And they made him a "special vest" to wear for the radiation that saved his life. As soon as I heard he had cancer, I said "He's got to come here and be treated at MD Anderson." My mom was right on board with me and she pretty much commandeered him to my house. I was afraid he wouldn't come because he's such a homebody and he's so humble and doesn't want to put anyone out. I was ready to beg, just like in the dream, but I didn't have to, thank goodness, He later told me that if it had been anyone else's house but mine, he would have declined the offer. He believed that he was welcome here and that made him feel able to accept. My mom was telling me one day that they had made him a "special vest" for the radiation treatments and I said "Hey.... do you remember that dream I had a couple years back about Uncle John's death sentence and the special vest??" Kind of amazing. If only I could harness and control this wacky power of mine, eh?

Uncle John loves his visits here and he calls it his "vacation". He loves my cooking. He was very sweet to me when I was a kid. He took me to a candy store one time and gave me a grocery bag and told me to go fill it up with anything I wanted. He bought me giant stuffed animals and he was a fun uncle. I'm glad I have the chance to reciprocate.

I'm going to make some lemon bombs and carrot cake while they are here.

Hey, it's after 7 pm and I haven't even thought about dinner. I'd better go scrounge something up.


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