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2015-03-13 - 1:41 p.m.

Something terrible happened yesterday. My little puppy was fine and then all of a sudden last night I noticed something pink sticking out in the corner of his eye. Turns out, he has "cherry eye" which is a very common and treatable condition. It is inflammation and displacement of a gland also known as the third eyelid. It is normally not seen, but sometimes pops out in young dogs. Unfortunately, the only cure for this is surgical. (naturally and of course) Luckily, it is a simple procedure and is not all that pricey. So this little fartknocker is having surgery in April. This is not a life threatening situation and I guess all will be well, but I'm bummed that this has happened. It's a blow. It stressed me out big time. I feel traumatized. I googled for info and found lots of people saying an ice pack will shrink the tissues and then you can manipulate the thing back into place, but this did not work for me. I tried it, but short stuff wasn't all that cooperative.

The vet gave me some steroid cream for it and said it's possible that this cream will take down the inflammation and make it better, but he will most likely need surgery. He's such a sweet little guy. I am all kinds of dismayed that he has this problem. He seems entirely unbothered by this. It's not painful to dogs. He is fine and healthy otherwise. Some dogs live their whole life with cherry eye, but this guy isn't going to. I feel better knowing that it's a simple and not terribly invasive type of surgery and the cost is contained. The vet looks very much like Aaron Lewis from Staind.

Here's a weird tidbit: My eye has been bothering me ever since his eye developed a problem. I have sympathetic eye irritation.

Dexter is doing better with the pup. He still gets mad about chew bones and about the relentless puppy attacks to his hind quarters when the baby is feeling feisty, but they play together more and more and things are coming along nicely.

Personal message:

I hadn't checked in on my Second Life business in a while and yesterday I found I had over 15K in Lindens. I checked my transactions and found my sales are pretty steady. I never have issues with my sales either. I remember you had to deal with your customers all the time, but mine just never has a failed delivery or anything. I've been lucky. I'm going to go in there and start making some more inventory.

Bwah... I need your skillz. I need some scripting and some collaborating! I also found out I need a new viewer because the old one is now defunct and banned, actually. I hate the SL viewer. The new Firestorm needs a clean install, which seems to be a multi-step operation and I don't even want to read the instructions. I sure do wish I had a traveling computer guy who will give up favors in return for lodging. One particular computer guy, that is.

You should oughta make a new avie and come help Miss Scarlett V. She is the business owner. Contact her. She would love to hear from you. QQ

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