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2015-03-15 - 3:50 p.m.

Today is one of those rare days when the temperature outside is about the same as the temperature inside, so I can leave the door open without wasting energy on AC or heat. The pups are free to roam inside and out as they please. The privacy fence is snug all the way around so there's not much chance of anyone digging out. There was a gap under the gate that was big enough for the baby to get under, but I filled the gap with potting soil. He had never noticed the gap or shown any kind of desire to try to get out of the yard so I feel pretty secure with the pups being out there without constant supervision. I did do a mushroom check however, and I picked the mushrooms I saw so the tiny rascal wouldn't bite them off in a fit of Chihuahua fury.

I feel so sorry for the little guy with his "cherry eye". Last night he was running and ripping and he ran right into a table leg with his face. I think he hit that pink bubble. He yelped and then he kept crying and sneezing and shaking his head for a minute or two. I was afraid it was going to be bleeding when I picked him up to check it out. Thankfully it was not bleeding, but it did get very red. I am going to call around tomorrow and see if I can find a quicker surgery date than mid-April. He's a reckless little fart and I don't want him to have to carry that problem around for a month. It bothers me much more than it bothers him.

I've been doing Susie Homemaker type things today. I made a supply of low carb bread and tried a new thing that is supposed to be a breakfast food, taking the place of granola, but it's more like dessert. It's full of unsweetened coconut, sugar free chocolate chips, flax seed, chia seed, almond slivers, a teaspoon of sweetener, and 3 tablespoons of creamy coconut milk. Not coconut water. Coconut milk is thick and creamy. The chia seeds perform thickening magic when they are mixed with liquid and this little concoction turns into a firm creamy, crunchy, sweet kind of yumminess in a cup. I liked it, but like I said... it's a dessert.

I'm going to plant some petunias before the sunlight goes away today. My bwah used to call me "My little petunia" sometimes. I dug it. heh

I love petunias. They are one of my favorite flowers. We grew them when my family lived in Colorado and now the scent of petunias makes me think of my favorite place, the home of my heart, Colorado. I'm going to have a summer home there one day. I might just sell my house one day and live there year round. There are 2 things that prevent me from doing that right now: I like being close enough to my family to get there in a few hours' drive, and I am not sure how I would manage in the snowy winter. I grew up in snowy places and it didn't bother me then, but I think that now it would be more of a bother to me. I have found that I am capable of hermit-like behavior, so I guess I could stock up like a doomsday prepper and be set for winter. I could handle several months of being holed up in the winter with the one I love, but I don't want to feel more isolated and without him, I certainly would.

My ultimate dream house would be a nice big house, similar to the design I have now, but with solar panels and wind turbines. I'd like to be off the grid. I ordered some materials that give instructions for building your own solar panels and hooking up alternative energy. I am serious about that. If my HOA doesn't permit me to install solar panels, I will sell my house and buy land somewhere that doesn't have an HOA. Someday I will be having a self-sustaining home.

I need an easel. I want to paint and I've got some big canvases, but alas, no easel. Hobby Lobby is not open on Sundays, but I think Michael's is. If I was Michael's, I would definitely be open on the one day of the week that my competitor was closed.

Can't believe my weekend is almost over!

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