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2015-03-05 - 10:40 a.m.

Time for my daily "Oh yeah, here's more info I forgot to add" entry. Today it's about supplements.

I take supplements. I used to eat loads of veggies and fruits and now... not so much. So I take some supplements to fill in stuff that I may not get from food as much anymore. I am taking a good prenatal vitamin, because it has a lot more of everything than a one a day vitamin has. But you can just get a good one a day if you feel funny about the prenatals. I take a good B complex vitamin that has B1 @ 300 mg, B2 @ 4mg, B6 @ 4mg, B12 @ 2000mcg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 150 mg, Vitamin D @ 500 IU. It has some herbs and such in it as well. This is a diabetic vitamin and I have a big supply of it so I'm going to take them all up, but probably will add another B complex vitamin when that runs out. I take a magnificent probiotic with 30 Billion probiotic strains. It is called Ultimate Flora and lemme tell you, my flora is smoking hot. It's good for your digestive tract and your gut needs to be in top form. Candida will wreck your tract and the probiotic fights that. The ketogenic diet will reduce candida as well, because you are no longer eating much yeasty/moldy foods. You can eat cheese, but with all breads and most carbs gone the candida is not being well fed anymore.

Recap: These are the major things I take: prenatal, probiotic, B complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid. I also have some spirulina and a little magnesium, turmeric, etc. but I don't take them all the time. I don't like to swallow capsules. I feel like they don't want to go down. I take them sometimes. But I take my main ones every day. The probiotic is expensive at about 18 bucks for a months' supply, but I feel it's worth it. The others are not as expensive.

I drink a lot of herbal teas with liquid stevia in it. I have some Golden Dragon from Teavana that is very good for your heart and circulation. By the time I drink my butter coffee, take my supplements, drink my water, and have some tea... no wonder I'm not hungry in the morning.

I also take a tablespoon of Bragg apple cider vinegar in water once in awhile. That should be every day as a liver cleanser, but I am just being honest when I say I don't do it every day. It will balance your Ph and it's a good cleanser. Everyone should do it. I also use it on my face, diluted with distilled water, and it absolutely knocks out all blemishes. It's very good stuff. I inherited Rosacea (thanks to my dad) and the dermatologist prescribed me some meds that cost $830 for a one month supply!(!!!) Needless to say, I did not fill that prescription and instead I googled for natural cures and found that apple cider vinegar and water will clear up skin. Now I'm back to peaches and cream. You can spend 830 bucks or... use a natural cure costing less than a penny! Baking soda is also a miraculous substance that will make glassware and sink fixtures look brand new for cheap. But I digress.

I have some other wacky stuff happening in my life on the career front that I want to write about, but I will save it for another day. Basically, I need to recruit some coders to take some projects for me. I had hoped for a future in which my true love could do some of it and I could do some of it and together... we're the 1%, baby! That plan is trying to come together even though I don't have my bwah here to co-rule the world with me. I am dangerous with my manifesting skills! Seriously though, I could totally open my own agency because there is that much opportunity coming at me. I think I can handle coding one more hospital and possibly supervising a small group of coders, remotely. Beyond that, I'll need help.

One day I will be living 6 months of the year in Estes Park, Colorado and 6 months here. That is a goal and it is going to happen. I just know...

I feel full of happy today. I miss somebody but I feel almost like he is right here with me. I had a nice dream in which he was talking to me in his Irish accent and it was one of those close talking, animated, eye contact, shiny hair, colorful, happy dreams. When I dream about you, you are vividly colorful and you're shiny. Gleamy and shiny.


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