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2015-03-06 - 10:13 a.m.

Today I am cooking a big pot of bone broth. Bone broth is a very flavorful super-food that can be sipped from a mug or eaten as a soup. It is full of gelatin, minerals, and nutrients. It will boost your iron, help your metabolism, and replenish your electrolytes. It's great for joint health, it re-mineralizes your teeth and bones, and does other good stuff I am forgetting to list. This can be had instead of the bouillon. Some people put their grass fed butter into a mug of this bone broth in the morning instead of having the coffee. A lot of the ketogenic lifestylers keep a pot of bone broth made at all times. It really is a staple of this diet regimen. Most people who use bone broth on a daily basis just make a huge stock pot full and use it throughout the week.

You can use bones from a rotisserie chicken, left over roast, or any roasted bird or beast you may have cooked, or you can purchase soup bones, ox tails, or whatever just for this purpose. There are tons of videos on youtube about making bone broth. Here's what I did to make mine.

I got a package of ox tails and soaked them in a big bowl of water for a few minutes to get the excess blood out. Then I added the rinsed ox tails into my big crock pot and covered the meat and bones with water almost to the top, leaving an inch or two at the top. I then added a little salt and 2 tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar to pull out more goodness from the bones and marrow, and I cooked it on high heat all night while I slept. The house smelled like good food when I woke up. I turned the crock pot down to low as soon as I got up and added 3 bouillon cubes and a few bay leaves for flavor. I have some fresh leaves from my mom's bay tree.

I have added some mushrooms and some chopped celery for flavoring. I don't want to sugar it up with too much carb bearing vegetables. The bone broth should cook for about 18 hours all total, to get all the goodies out of the bones and marrow. I will then cool it and store the majority in a big jar or container of some sort, to be used over the coming week. I could freeze pouches of it, but I really think that will be unecessary, since I will drink a cup a day at least. This is not only a healthy super-food, but it also makes great stock for cooking. Ox tails are cross sectioned tails of cows and there is a good bit of meat on there so I'll pick out the meat and eat that too.

I will never waste another rotisserie chicken carcass or Thanksgiving bird!

Now I've got a ton of work before me.

Bwah, I hope you are enjoying my info. I really think you would enjoy this way of eating and the health benefits it gives. Remember when we got so fascinated with nano-technology? Well now it's bio-hacking! I think you would be interested in all of this stuff, because you are as big a science nerd as I am!

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