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2015-03-04 - 8:59 p.m.

My last entry was incomplete. The most important thing I missed was: use a blender of some sort for your buttered coffee. Use a regular blender, an immersion blender, a ninja, a nutria-bullet, whatever you've got but for the love of Pete, machine blend it. That is what makes the butter and caffeine do the magic.

Let's see... what else? Keep your carbs at around 20 or less per day to get into ketosis. Try to let the 20 carbs be leafy green or low carb green vegetables, mostly. No starch whatsoever. No carrots. Don't eat fruit at first. The beginning is the induction phase and you have to be strict to get into ketosis. When you get solidly into ketosis, the symptoms will go away and you will start feeling much better than before you started.

I am going to reread my last entry and come back here to update this one if I see that I've missed other important things. So you may want to come back and read this again for full info.

Oh yeah!! The butter you use should be unsalted. I guess it won't hurt anything to put the salted butter, but the optimum butter is unsalted Kerrygold Irish butter. If you don't want to pay the hefty price for the brick of Kerrygold, you can use regular unsalted butter. But blend it in a blender of some sort. The cheaper butter is ok and still does the do, but the grass fed butter is premium and better for you. Regular butter is from corn fed cows. Grass fed is healthier for you. But any butter coffee is better than no butter coffee. There are websites that will calculate how many grams of carb and protein you should have in a day. If you want to calculate your macros and do it absolutely right. Search youtube for how to calculate your macros ketogenic diet. (macronutrient calculator too) You don't have to exercise on this diet, but it's ok if you do. I do because it's good for my insulin resistance. Artificial sweeteners are said to cause hunger and cravings, so I keep my intake of that to a minimum. However, I do eat those candies (sparingly) that contain sugar alcohols and I haven't suffered in any way from it. You can follow "The new atkins" for a low carb, ketogenic diet. Dr, Eric Westman has made several videos about it and explains in great detail how to do it. You can also get an account on and join for free. Then you have access to the forums and stuff.

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