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2015-02-19 - 2:13 p.m.

Well, I had my conference call and got the preliminary scoop on some changes currently looming ominously on the horizon. My company has acquired another smaller company and wants to make a new division entirely, which may or may not involve changing some remote workers to office dwellers. I love telecommuting and I do not want to go back to working in an office. I spoke up with the quickness and said that I'm not down with going back to an office setting. I hope they smelled what the Rock was cooking, because the real bottom line is that if they try to force that, I will be gone.

I have some time to get ready since they will have to integrate policies and procedures and analyze all possibilities to figure out which is the best plan for our new division. They have already said that they are thinking about leaving my position as is because it is so hard to find someone with my specialty. They would have to hire 3 more people to do what I do and they are not at all sure they can do that. Let's put it this way: they've been trying to hire another me for the 5 years I've been working for this company and they haven't EVER found one that was qualified or experienced in what I do. They've interviewed many applicants but none of them worked out and now they think I'm a unicorn.

I love my job just as it is and my favorite thing about it is that I work from my home office. I love that aspect so much that I've turned down some fantastic opportunities to keep it this way.

A headhunter sent me a query a few days ago so I went ahead and booked a call with him for later today. I'm going to feel around and see what's out there in case I really do have to bolt. Fortunately, there are so many opportunities for remote workers in my field that I can easily land another gig. I like working for a monster company in the fortune 100 though. I'd like to stay on, but if they mess with my happy, I'll be out like George Takei.

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