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2015-02-18 - 6:51 p.m.

I wish someone could convince my nephew to use his considerable talents and abilities for something other than to serve as a disposable pawn, sent out to some God forsaken hell hole to die in some ridiculous conflict. It's noble, God knows it's noble to want to serve your country, but no one wants it to be their boy who goes over to die.

The other side of the coin is that this new plan of his just might be safer than the alternative of following in his dads' footsteps. So do I lobby against it or do I keep my mouth shut? I wouldn't trade the life I had growing up in a military family, but there's a very dangerous downside to this and also, the boy is pretty immature. I fear he just thinks the uniform is cool and he wants to be a bad ass. I cannot handle the thought of him being shot at and bombed. I need to not dwell on this.

He took off work on my last birthday to spend the whole day with me and he surprised me with a gift that was exactly what I wanted. He heard me say I wished I had a globe at some point and he managed to get one for me. It's awesome. He also bought my dinner that night. I was going to buy his, but he grabbed the check and insisted. Sweet boy. We have a very close relationship that would have been different if he hadn't lived with me for most of his life. I will be sad when he goes. I'm hoping he changes his mind. There is so much opportunity in the place I live.

Sudden change of topic: I can feel someone's presence with me, close around me, and it's so strong today that I am starting to wonder if he is DEED.


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