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2015-02-20 - 2:06 p.m.

THE most elderly, jeans sporting, do-rag wearing papaw I ever saw came out of a hot looking black Corvette with tinted windows, proving once again that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

In other news, I like to trace my genealogy as a hobby and I recently found that I have an ancestor named "Leige". What a cool name! It's my mom's grandmother's brother. Mom was super close with her grandma and yet she never knew about her own grandmother's siblings! Grandma didn't talk about her family, I guess. I can't imagine. Family is kind of a big deal in my world.

I'm ashamed to report that my fierce Chihuahua was just now severely startled by a bird. He will probably tell the neighbors that it was an eagle trying to capture him in its' huge razor like talons, but it was totally a crow.

Yesterday I kept feeling like someone was right behind me or right next to me. I jumped a couple of times because it was exactly like someone was right here and I thought the nephew had snuck in without me hearing the door.

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