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2021-01-20 - 9:20 p.m.

In the course of having this 9 yr old ninja about the place, I hear a lot of funny sentences come out my mouth. Here are some gems I blurted out while wrestling this heathen into his bed for the night... 10 minutes late:

"Did you just call me a chupacabra?"

"You're a POOPacabra."

"I bet Spiderman's farts are sticky."

"Get in your bed or I'll tickle your guts out"

"Git Sleepin!'"

He did, in fact, refer to me as a chupacabra. He also started a fake fart war using his spider man doll as the farter. I called him a Poopacabra because I am a bad influence, and he said, and I quote: "I have a nerf gun and I'm not afraid to use it." He shouldn't have gone there. His mouth wrote a check his ass couldn't cash. I had to tickle him to subdue the threat of nerf violence. That'll learn him.

I'm absolutely joyful because we are off quarantine and he is back in school. I hate it when I'm standing at the bus stop in my gown and a hoodie at 7 am, praying for strength, but then I have 8 hours of blessed peace and quiet to revel in. I have coffee and "me time" until 9 am when I start my workday. It makes all the difference. I don't know how anyone deals with home schooling. Oh, it sucks so bad. Well, it sucks when the student has ADHD. It's so hard to keep his little ass on task. I love when this is his teacher's problem instead of my problem.

My back itches all the time. Dry skin. I need to put some lotion on. I take hot showers and that just makes it worse. Itching is torture.

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