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2018-10-27 - 9:58 a.m.

Who's happy?

Hint: It's me.

Yesterday was my last work day until November 5th! Ahhhhhh.... I hope these days don't fly by too fast. I guess if I wanted it to seem really slow, I could go on a diet. That makes the hours drag on. But nah... I'm going to eat all the things.

I'm going to the Farmer's Market with my sister today and we are going leaf looking. I think we're going to a community Halloween thing tonight. I need to buy candy for the trick or treaters since that is only a few days away. I have no idea how many to expect. I guess I should ask some neighbors what usually happens in this neighborhood. The autumn leaves are brilliantly colorful here. I plan to go out and take pictures on one of these sunny days. Maybe today.

I was going to sleep in as late as possible, and I did... but it was only 8:38 am. That was all I could do. Curses! I had every intention of sleeping till 10:30 am. But I woke up at 8:38 and it was over. I wish I had slept more. Now I'm hungry.

My dad went back to see the doctor that saved his life and the doc said he has had absolutely zero v-tachs since his surgery and he is cleared for anything he wants to do. My mom said they were going someplace and when he got out on the street he realized he left something in the house, so he stopped the car, got out, and jogged back to the house to get the thing, then he jogged back out to the car. This is significant because he hasn't run at all in a few years. His heart wasn't circulating his blood good enough for him to run.

I'm so happy he is doing well.

I need some breakfast!

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