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2018-11-09 - 8:53 p.m.

Where did it go? My vacation went by so fast that it's over and I've done a work week since then. Sheesh. I had ideas about coming in and making at least a brief note for each day so I could look back and see something for the time spent. So that didn't happen.

But I had a pretty great time. I went leafing, took some pictures of said leaves. I shopped, I restauranted, I lounged, I sipped on coffees and teas, I went to Eureka and had German food, I got together with family several times. It was swell. My first week back to work went well. There was no brow beating, no micro-managing, no somebody elses' work foisted on me.

I think I'm recharged till my next break, which will come in the form of a nice 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving. This year, for the first year in a dozen years, I don't care if I get more than 2 days off around Christmas, because I won't have to travel this time. I live amongst my tribe now. I will have my whole family around me. I need to go forth, maybe this weekend, and buy some stuff so I'm all stocked up for winter. If there's going to be ice, I'm not driving on it. So I've got to make sure if I'm house bound for several days I can still eat. Of course, I can also order pizza and order things from Amazon. I really need a deep freezer. I'd like to stock up some meat, veggies, and ice cream.

It's THAT time of the year again. The time of year when I suddenly become a shopper and I buy stuff off QVC like there's a prize for it. Seriously. Everything I watch the demo for, I want. I was embarrassed yesterday when my parents came over and Dad carried in 3 boxes from the front porch. It was like Christmas morning up in here. I don't want to be that crazy woman who buys everything she sees on QVC. Plus, everyone is always asking me what I want for Christmas but I never have any good answers since I buy everything I want as soon as I see it. I need to stop.

It is cold already! I hope we get some more 64-68 degree weather. I wanted a nice long fall, but it seems like it went straight to cold weather. Tomorrow it will be around freezing temps until noon. I'm going out to lunch with (get this) my sister and my ex-husband's current wife. We are friends. I'm an awesome ex-wife. I love her because she's a nice person and also as long as she is around, the ex is her problem and not mine. God bless her.

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