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2018-07-12 - 12:16 p.m.

These people...

I've noticed something strange about the people here in this new home community of mine. People will come disturb a sister at unrealistic hours. I don't like drop ins. Especially when I am in bed asleep. People around these parts start doing whatever it is they do way before I start my day. I set my alarm for 9 am... because I can. Working form home has its benefits and sleeping in is possibly the best one. I wake up before the alarm every day, but I set the alarm just to make sure I am not late for my work day.

Ever since I've moved into this house, more days than not, someone rings my doorbell before I am up. It burns my ass. Yesterday was the last straw. Some asshole rang my doorbell at 7:26 am. Come on now... why would anyone think that is acceptable? Anything before business hours is unacceptable to most. Anything before 10:00 am is unacceptable to me. I don't like to be interrupted during the first hour of my work day. So, I put a note on my door last night that said DO NOT DISTURB BEFORE 10 AM. This morning I was not awakened by the doorbell, (followed by the loudest shrieking ever heard, emitted by my dog who screams like he is being murdered when the doorbell rings. Because men with hats are trying to kill us.) I was awakened by the lawn mower under my bedroom window before 8 am!!! ::sigh::

Seriously? I just want peace and quiet until I'm out of bed. Is that so wrong?

I guess there is an upside to the lawn man coming so early. At least they are done before it's time for me to let my dogs out.

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