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2018-07-16 - 1:59 p.m.

I am having a super contented, happy, easy-going, low key, comfortable Monday. My new assignment is easy peasy and that makes life good for me. I used to be so much more loaded down than this.

Ahhh... it is raining all of a sudden. It has been a bit dry since I moved here. It has only rained maybe 4 times counting this rain, and I've been here over a month. Time flies, doesn't it? I've got relatives coming to visit at the end of this week. I am not done adding things to my new home. I need to buy a couple of area rugs because all my floors are hard wood or tile, except the 2 guest rooms and the bonus room upstairs. I'd rather the relatives wait till I've gotten things ready, but that is not how it's going down, so bring it. It's not a big problem. I've received all my bills and I have had the happy surprise of my utilities all being cheaper than they were in Texas! The cost of living is lower here. A lot of people are moving to this area for some reason. I've met a lot of people who have just moved here. It is really beautiful here and the foliage here is different than it was in Texas and Louisiana. There are giant, well shaped trees everywhere. I love it here. The drive to Eureka Springs is gorgeous and somewhat treacherous with a whole lot of twists and turns through the mountains. I am afraid of heights, so it scares me to drive on a road that is high up with no guard rails. But, it's all good, because I feel much better if I am the driver rather than being the passenger. ::control freak::

My family all went to Eureka Springs Saturday evening for dinner at the Bavarian Inn. We love our German/ Czech cuisine. I had an excellent Jagerschnitzel. Well, I had Weinerschnitzel mit Jager sauce. After dinner we went out to the amphitheater where they do the Passion Play and there is a 65 foot tall Jesus statue. I call it The Big Jesus. I've been there before, during vacations in Eureka Springs. I have had a recurring dream for many years that is set right there at that spot, near the amphitheater. The dream is me driving around there. There is a giant that shows up, but it's not The Big Jesus. It looks more like Andre the Giant. Go figure.

While we were at The Big Jesus, I saw some weird trees with many clusters of pods that look like pecans, but these were not pecan trees. I've since learned that it is called an Empress tree and in the spring, those trees are covered with lavender blossoms. I will be going back to see them in bloom. We then went to a ghost tour at the haunted Crescent Hotel. I've done that ghost tour before and did NOT want to do it again. I got over-ruled and we went anyway. Then the tour we went for was sold out and we had to wait for the 11 pm tour. I was not in favor of waiting, but wait we did. ::sigh:: I would have much preferred to come back around Halloween when the tour would be more fun and the weather a little bit cold. Waiting for that tour to begin was like slow torture and I should have been an ass about it and refused to stay. hahaha. I was so right... it was not worth the wait. My inner bitch failed me. I wish she had come out and saved me from that awful experience.

I need to do some work for my side job so I don't end up sitting here after hours.

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