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2018-07-02 - 1:12 a.m.

I had a really nice evening tonight. I've got stories to tell that are not nice and I will do that soon, but today I just want to say it is great to live in the same town with my family again!!! We have been having Sunday dinners together and meeting in between for other shopping trips, dinners, and movies and things. I was isolated for way too long.

Today, my whole family converged on the local Cracker Barrel restaurant for dinner and while most of the country was suffering through a terrible heat wave, we had a cool breezy evening, partially spent in the rocking chairs of the long porch at the restaurant. My ex brother in law is here visiting his kids and we love him, so he is still a part of our family. We don't throw our exes out of the family. We are weird like that. He is planning to move up here too. After dinner, we all went to my sister's house and played guitars and sang songs and we heard fireworks happening outside so we went out front to see if we could watch them and had a perfect view of a really nice display. There are a lot of huge trees around my sister's house, but there was a clearing and the whole fireworks show was perfectly framed by those trees. Our view was not impeded at all. It must have been a city display because it was big and lasted a long time. I haven't enjoyed fireworks like that in a long, long time.

It was a really nice night.

I'm thinking of suing my builder... I'll tell that story soon.

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