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2018-02-17 - 7:13 p.m.

Here is me, just hermitting it up at my house. Party of one. Enjoying my life. I might be what they call a loner. I do like people, but I don't want to go any place to meet any new people. I wish I could skip the weird part from first meeting to solid friendship. When I make a new friend, it happens like this: I take a particular liking to someone, and then I pursue them for friendship. I feel like I've cherry picked each of my friends. Maybe everyone feels that way.

I wouldn't quite know how normal people make friends, because I am an INTJ. That stands for introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment. I've taken the personality tests many times and I always come up INTJ. If you are interested, you can google personality test and look for Karl Jung, Briggs Myers... there are many tests and they all end up telling you which personality type you are based on Karl Jung's theory. It also will give you a write up about that type and what it's main features are and there is lots of other articles about each type.

The INTJ is apparently an odd bird who likes their own company, can hermit like a champ, doesn't value or get the point of small talk, dislikes big emotional displays. etc. We also tend to be kind of brilliant, likers of science, big picture types, very logical, problem solvers, deliberate, confident, curious, strategic, independent... clueless in romance. Yup.

INTJs are often misunderstood because you can't always tell if we like you. haha. I find it all very interesting. Only about 1% of the population are female INTJs. There are 16 types.

I've been knowing about this for years, don't know why I decided to write about it today. Except maybe because I was thinking I enjoy my solitude too much. I should go out and round me up a significant other. But I dun wanna...

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