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2018-02-08 - 11:54 a.m.

I finally feel pretty good again. I'm about 98% there. Health is so important.

The weather is glorious today. It's 48 degrees right now and sunny AF. I love cool, sunny, non-humid weather. I'm a Colorado girl, dontcha know.

My workload has been unusually low of late and this allows me to get all my jobs done without putting in time after hours. I love this. I contacted this lady who owns a Bed & Breakfast that my sister and I stayed in one time. While we were there, she had mentioned she was going to sell the B&B in a couple years. She is thinking about selling it this coming fall or winter. I'm interested, but she wants about 100K past my top budget. But this place is set up with the owners' living quarters above her rental unit. I could buy this place and live in the owner's place and let my folks live in the downstairs area. I feel like my mom won't go for it, ultimately, because she will think the place is going to slide off into the lake. She is fixated on mudslides. I'm keeping this as an option though. You never know. My sister and I are going to go see the lady this spring and I'm going to look at it with my property buying eyes on. I may not want it. But here's what's great: there is a multilevel deck and it over looks Beaver Lake. It's one of the best places you could ever perch yourself. This view is really indescribably beautiful. I think it would be so nice to live there and see that every day. Maybe she will decide she wants me to have it and she'll take less. Or maybe my mom will consider chipping in. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a windfall enough to make it possible on my own.

The whole downstairs part of the house has it's own entrances and can be a full apartment with the installation of a mini kitchen. There is a space for that, currently being used for storage. It would also be ideal for my kiddo to live in the bottom part and me in the top, but she is broke ass. heh

Another nice thing about this property is the plants and things she has put all around. There are many really lovely spots around the property where she has planted unusual plants and placed things like a gazing ball, a fountain, etc. It's magical without being stupid. That is a fine balance. The porches are super awesome and there are stairways that go up and down, with spaces for trees to grow through, more stairways going all down through the very steep yard, which is basically like a cliff leading down to the river. There is a boat slip, which I would rent out. The yard is planted with mature flowering, colorful trees and shrubs. There's no grass to be mowed. I am not sure of what kind of upkeep would be required to keep it all nice. I'm going to call the owner and ask questions about it later today.

I need to get to work and finish today's stuff so I can lounge aimlessly. That's my hobby.

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