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2017-12-22 - 10:10 a.m.

Yesterday my little grinchy heart grew 3 sizes bigger. I've been checking my front porch frequently because I did most of my Christmas shopping online and I'm keen to get all my gifts together before I have to load up and leave town. One of the times I opened my door, I saw a little pile of things left on my doorstep. Some little Christmas elf left me one candy cane, one fun size sleeve of Sixlets candy, 8 tiny Christmas stickers, and a picture drawn by a very young child with a neon yellow highlighter, folded up and enclosed in a zip lock bag. So cute. It really is the thought that counts. I got a lot more joy out of this little gift than many expensive ones I've received.

I am pretty sure I know who left it. There is a little girl who is 6 years old, lives a few houses down, and was completely jubilant a few months ago when I was her very first customer for her school fund raiser.

When I lived in Louisiana, there was a little girl who used to come ring my doorbell and ask me if I could come out and play.

We had snow here on December 7th. It was magical, because we almost never get snow. People said crazy things like "Maybe we will have a white Christmas". Har har. Maybe pigs will fly, too. Today we have a high of 79 degrees. It's quite humid out. At 9:30 am it was already warm and muggy. Doesn't really put one in mind of jingle bells and riding in a one horse open sleigh. Hopefully I will be having more of a wintery Christmas next year in the Ozarks. I am probably going to make that long drive up there right after Christmas to look at some houses and help my sister unpack. After today, I'm off work until Jan 2, 2018.

I was thinking I might go lock in plans to have a house built, but the person who is supposed to help me has been supremely unhelpful and it's making me rethink going with them. I'm trying to decide on a floor plan and on December 5 she was going to send me some plans to review. On Dec 7 I requested that she send whatever she has. She said she would by the end of the day. I'm still waiting. I emailed her a few times and got no answer at all. She finally answered and said she sent the file and it must have been too large, so I asked her to resend and I'm still waiting. I told her that I'll be there in a few days... need that info.... ZIP. Nada. She doesn't want to sell a house very badly.

I'm zen though. This is how things go sometimes. I may find THE place while I wait for her to get her thumb out of her ass. A real estate agent who showed me a house last time I was there was supposed to get me info on a house I loved. He fiddle-farted around until that house sold out from under me. So he is awesome too. He texted me yesterday wanting to know if I would be coming back to town any time soon. I didn't answer.

My astrological chart for 2018 says my sibling and parents are moving in 2018 but I'm not as likely to move house. It says I will likely move in 2019 and it won't be a very smooth ride. Those are just tendencies though. Not written in stone. We shall see.

My mom just messaged me that they are sick. Awesome. My daughter messaged me a little while ago to say she is sick. This is shaping up to be a really festive holiday. I should probably call the doctor and get my Z pack on reserve.

Back to the old grind...

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