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2016-01-12 - 11:00 p.m.

I went to Kroger after work and came home with some good stuff. I got 2 Chinese grapefruits. The proper name is Pomelo (puh-mello}. These things are like catnip to me. I just love them. I brought them home and immediately hid them from the relentless eater. I will share both of them with him, on my terms, in my time. For She who pays for specialty items that are ridiculously over-priced gets to prevent He who scarfs rampantly from making like a human garbage disposal.

Pomelos are in season from November through February. The Pomelo looks like a huge grapefruit, but the skin is quite thick and accounts for a lot of the size. The fruit inside is not bitter like grapefruit and the membranes peel completely away leaving wedge shaped pod-clusters of juicy goodness. It's surprisingly clean to eat and you peel it rather than slicing it in half and digging out the juice with a spoon. Its oddly satisfying how the wedges peel cleanly out of the membrane. Have I made it weird yet?

I got some Boar's Head knockwurst and I've learned to make German red cabbage. I love that stuff and it would go well with some knockwurst. There will be a good German dinner in our near future.

Kroger is a crazy store. I am always mesmerized at first but tired and cranky by the time I leave because it's a huge store and the set up is weird. I never know where anything is in there. You can think you are in the cereal aisle, and then in another spot there's more cereal. There is more than one dairy case. The 2 dairy cases are nowhere near each other. It makes more sense to have all the dairy in one spot, all the cereal on one aisle.

I messed around today and didn't get my work done and I've got a couple of things I must get done before I go to bed. I hate when I do this. It's midnight and I don't want to work right now. It won't take me long.

So here goes me. About to fly into a frenzy of chart slinging madness. Riiiiiiiiight now.

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