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2016-01-11 - 8:34 p.m.

Well, we've got ourselves a scholar. The boy cleared his busy schedule last night to sit and chat with me about possible career paths for himself. He comes up with some wacky ideas. His favorite (ridiculous)idea is for me to buy acreage in Colorado so we can become pot farmers. I'm not entirely opposed to being a pot farmer, because it would be good to cash in on the legal pot trade somehow.

I think pot should be legal. That said, I don't use marijuana for a few reasons. Mainly because it is illegal. Secondly, I value my career and drug testing is a thing, thirdly, any kind of smoke makes me die. Fourth, I could use edibles, but I did that once and... uh.. I should write an entry about that sometime. Suffice it to say... don't eat a whole....anything. Don't eat a half of it either. I don't find it fun to be blasted out of my mind. I had reefer madness. It wasn't fun. Nuff said.

But I do want the freedom to use it medicinally and maybe for recreational purposes upon the rare occasion. That should be up to the individual, in my humble opinion.

But I atrociously digress...

Anyways, the boy went and signed up for school today and he came home all proud of himself. He is excited about school. This term will tell the tale. He has sworn up and down that he will succeed this time and make some good grades to average in with the crappy ones he got the first time around. He'd better, because this is his chance to prove it. If he fails to do it this time, he's going on a count down to moving out day. By his birthday, I expect to have a serious scholar, or an empty nest.

He keeps making noises about possibly doing what I do, because he sees me making a good living while lounging in my jammies and he thinks he could probably handle this gig. He is not interested in my job, he is interested in the nice results of my job. But you have to have a long attention span and the ability to make yourself work when you don't feel like it. That's really the key. A whole lot of people can't make their own self do what gots to get did. That's his number one problem. Today he told me that I am just like a medical dictionary. He could just sit there by me and ask me questions all day long. Yeah, that sounds like a blast for me. heh

I completely discouraged him off that by telling him he'd have 2 years of boring medical classes to slog through. He already failed Anatomy & Physiology once. He's not keen for a redo.

I am excited about the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. I think I want it. I know I want it, but I read that some people get motion sick in it and that is my kryptonite. I am easily given to motion sickness so I fear I will be one of the unlucky 15% who totally can't handle it. I barfed watching a film of a roller coaster ride once and I got sick one time watching the microfiche scroll by at a library. I have also barfed on every mode of transportation there is. Planes, trains, and automobiles. I kid you not. I got sick watching The Blair Witch Project. ::flat stare::

I need to go someplace and test one out to see if it makes me sick before I shell out the $600. Those headsets are going to be off the chain popular. One day everyone will have them and they won't be expensive. And of course the cheap one you can get in some future year will be exponentially better than the 600 dollar one. But I love technology and it's exciting to me. Think of the game programmers that will be needed to adapt all the games to this headset! Think of the porn implications.

We're one step closer to the Matrix.

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