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2015-09-10 - 7:33 p.m.

I met a friend for dinner tonight and I think I just sold her on the Kia Sorento. She's been a Nissan girl for her last 3 vehicles, but now she is liking my new car. She's in the market to buy soon. It was good food and good company and she is in town through Saturday so she asked me if I wanted to go out tomorrow too. I get to pick the place. I need to think up some good restaurants. We have a bunch of great ones around here. Maybe we will go over to the Kia place and see what else they've got for sale.

Good times.

So I got tipsy as Hell tonight. I ordered a margarita for happy hour and it was way bigger and stronger than I expected. I got giggly, but we stayed a long while and I was mostly back to normal before driving off. I only had one margarita, but it was YUGE and I'm a light weight. I can own that. heh

On my way home, I saw something laying on the street in my neighborhood and it looked like a folded dollar. So I stopped and got out and sure enough, I found me a dollar. I take it as a good omen. Dollahs be rainin' from heaven.

I had an extremely realistic, lucid-seeming dream. My dream-walker man came around again. He told me he was sorry for the things that went down and he knows now that he made the wrong choice but he is stuck like chuck because he is loathe to break things off with the other woman now. He feels obligated to her because he cut her off cold a couple times before for me and now she has trusted him not to yank the rug out again, she's uprooted her life and moved across country to be with him, so though he still loves me, he can't really see his way out right now. But it's not ideal, I'm still in his heart and on his mind, and he doesn't know how long he can go on before it takes a toll.

At the end of it, as always, we were very intimately close, face to face, heart to heart. I hugged him and told him I love him.

This dream felt like something important.

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