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2015-07-26 - 1:16 p.m.

My dogs are funny. At each of 2 feedings a day, I split between them a small can of dog food that is really not quite enough for a meal for both dogs, so I follow that up with some good premium dry food. I figure it's good for their teeth to follow up the wet food with some dry. My older dog doesn't want dry food, unless it's someone else's dry food and he is stealing it. Stolen food is apparently the tastiest kind. So if the dogs won't eat their dry food, All I have to do is drop a couple of pieces on the floor. Jax will run at it like it's manna from heaven and this prompts Dexter to compete. He tries to get to the other piece before the baby gets to it. I just keep dropping bites and they compete like mad for it. It's like feeding pigeons.

Last night I had a weird dream with a threatening character and a plan to get away. This was about work because I feel a little uncertain about some things. A lot of crazy stuff happened last week and a threatening character from the past resurfaced. The CEO who may or may not look good in orange is back in my world, so I have been thinking about my strategy for dealing with that.

I should have written the dream down immediately so I would have all the details. Here's what I remember: I was moving into a new workspace, renting an office from a landlord. My stuff wasn't set up yet, it was moving day. It was dusky outside, end of the day, and I was on the phone with a female friend. I heard the door close behind me and glanced behind me to look. It was the landlord, who was a very thin Asian man. He had a somber look on his face and he had entered my office and closed the door behind him. He was between me and the only exit. So I quickly assessed the situation and continued speaking to my friend as if no threat was present. I said "You're out front right now? I didn't expect you just yet. Well, ok. Did you guys bring the guns so we could go straight to the range? Ok, great! You want to come in and see my new office?" The landlord just got out of my way. Guns and witnesses, dontcha know... I was moving the whole time, getting my purse, going towards the door. No one was outside, but my immediate goal was to get past him and out the door. I guess that new office space wasn't going to work out.

So this is funny because thinking back on the dream, the landlord was real skinny and not much of a physical threat. The CEO he represents is only a mild threat and she looks like she desperately needs a sammich. She looks like she has anorexia nervosa. So that was her. There was a jumble of other dreams and scenes, but I don't remember much of it. I do remember seeing something that didn't make sense at first but then it became a patch of flowers with prominent yellow centers and I said "These are like Irises, and the yellow part is the Iris's Iris!" This is completely dorky, but there is meaning, because I'm now working with someone whose first name is Iris and I thought of her while I was looking at the Iris's Irises.

So I worked last night in my sleep.

I was a transcriptionist for a while right after college and it was a common thing to dream about typing. Some days I would go to work feeling like I had been working all night long. That was a bummer. The other transcriptionists had the same dream. It's too repetitive to sit in one place and type non-stop all day. I transcribed for a psychiatric hospital though and that was the most entertaining form of transcription you can do. The stories were really interesting.

I have a bunch of things I could do this afternoon and I don't know which things I'm going to choose. I might go to Sam's Club and get me some Wolfgang Puck cookware. Or I might go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get some Calphalon cookware. Or I might just order some Calphalon off Amazon prime. I have 2 skillets from Calphalon and they are the best damn skillets I ever had. Something unfortunate and nephew related happened to my large one. Sam's has these Wolfgang Puck sets that look and feel pretty good, and I like the design and the feel of the handles and stuff. I bet they are not quite as good as Calphalon.

Once upon a time when my nephew was 7, his mom, sister, and he moved in with me. At that time, I had a nice cutlery set in a butcher block. Shortly after moving in, my nephew took the paring knife and broke the tip off it using it to hack at a block of wood. ::flat stare:: This ruined my set and I never found a replacement that matched. My sister and her 2 kids lived with me for a span of years, till I moved out and went to Texas. (and left them with all my destroyed stuff) Then, a few years after that, just my nephew came to live with me in Texas. By this time I had a new upgraded set of cutlery, really nice set. A gift from my Dad who loves cutlery. Shortly after nephew moved in GUESS WHAT?? The paring knife disappeared. He swears up and down that he did not take it or break it and hide the evidence. But it just seems a little too coincidental, doesn't it? I think I just figured out one thing I'm going to do with my Sunday. I'm going to go search his room for that damn paring knife. hahaha. I bet he broke it and got rid of it though. It is probably long gone. I'm going to look under his bed, because it might be under there or wedged behind it.

Cue up the Mission Impossible music, I'm going in!

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