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2015-03-27 - 11:28 a.m.

I had crazy dreams last night. Here is what I can remember: I had a lot of guests at my house. It was a new house, even bigger and fancier than the one I have now. It was kind of modern and colorful in décor. It was a very impressive home and this was some type of party we were having, maybe a housewarming. Jessica Lange, the famous actress was there and I really wanted her to be impressed and be glad she was there. I was tending to her a lot, trying to make sure she was comfortable and happy. She looked like she had a headache, but she was nice to me. Penn and Teller were also there and they were showing some kind of contraption that would be strapped to ones back and would then be like wings or a parachute or something. I was thinking of trying it, but was worried that it could end up in embarrassment for me.

Hmmm.... I really wanted to trust Penn Gillette.... but I was afraid of being embarrassed. Penn Gillette reminds me of my beloved.

Ok, Jessica Lange represents my mom, I think. Penn is my guy.

Lots of things were going on in the house and many guests were there. The rooms were just vast. I don't remember anything else from the party scene. The next part of the dream... or the next dream I suppose... a phone rang (an old fashioned house phone) and I picked up and said Hello. All I could hear was weird, creepy music that sounded like circus music slowed way down and then I heard my guy's younger brother's voice, whispery and breathy and he very slowly said "He loves you". He drug out each word and said it verrrrry slowwwwly.

And then I woke up.

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